busy bees


We did something crazy around these parts the other day.

We sold our house.

We’ve probably been seriously talking about trying to sell our house without a realtor since late fall.  We made the decision to try it around Christmas.  We picked our week to put it on the market way back then and then the rest of life happened.

Cale started a new job that he didn’t even know he was looking for until he was offered the position.  And he loves it. He started another class.  And we’re in the middle of planning our dream vacation that we started planning a year ago.

We are sooo blessed… busy! but blessed.

Our house ended up selling in 5 days and we’re quickly figuring out the steps to selling a house along the way.  We’re about to move into the smallest apartment we’ve ever lived in and are both a little excited about it.  Well, mostly excited about having a gym and pool within 50 yards of our front door.

We’re hoping in the next year we can find or build our dream house and the apartment is more of a short term housing solution but we haven’t even started the house hunt.

One step at a time.

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