For the first time in… many, many years my Mom and I skipped out on Black Friday shopping.  We shocked ourselves and seriously shocked our husbands when we came home after dropping my Grandma back off at her house to announce that we were doing all of our shopping online.

Translation= we were exhausted.

My Mom and Cale both had to work first thing this morning and I’m working the closing shift at the mall at my second job (today makes me realize that I no longer wonder if I’m crazy, it is now a proven fact). On top of that, I am trying particularly hard not to spend as much extra on myself this holiday season and I knew that would be challenging if I actually saw cute clothes in person.

The other amazing thing that shocks me year after year is that my body still needs to eat after Thanksgiving. Just mere hours ago I was so over-full of food that it took me 2 hours to move from the kitchen table.  I woke up this morning… hungry.

Unbelievable.  And since it seemed I only bought enough food to make the necessary items for the feast I was one of the 10 people at the grocery store this morning.

And the only person buying something other than milk.

Regardless, we are both so thankful this year for so many things… the health of us and loved ones, steady jobs, dream vacations…

I am so thankful that Cale is somehow able to love despite my inclinations to ‘do it all’ and then loves me when I break down because I can’t do it all.

And thankful that our Savior came and did it all perfectly… we are excited to start the Christmas season!


still here!

Seriously. My blogging goals have not changed one bit. I’m just moving in the wrong direction.

Taking a part-time job made a lot of sense on paper and it honestly is helpful in the long run (Cale doesn’t feel as guilty working from home, etc). But the day in and day out is sometimes exhausting. Especially when you try not miss out on any of the rest of life.

After realizing that I haven’t been home before 11 yet this week and after spending the day sneezing at work, we cancelled our fun plans tonight and I haven’t moved from the couch since.

I was at a friend’s house on Monday night and she had a “Prep 10 Crock-Pot Meals” party. Perfect timing for us because now whoever is home that night generally has hot food waiting for them. That’s about the most exciting part of our week…. other than hiding out and eating take-out P.F. Chang’s and watching movies on Friday night.

I checked to see if there were any fun pictures from our life but other than the picture of Cale’s sliced finger incident it appears nothing has been photo worthy.

Anther thing that must be worked on…

faaaalllll colors!

We’ve made it up to the mountains 3 weeks in a row and hopefully won’t be breaking that streak this weekend either.

Then life might change.

Because I may have gotten another part-time job.

It’s all about the discounts, people.

Anyways, Colorado has beautiful Aspen trees that change to a glorious shade of yellow in the fall.  You have to be really quick though, because the colors are only at their prime for a week or two. Because we’ve been up to the mountains on a regular basis (compared to what the usual) we’ve been able to watch the progression.  Catching fish and reading books is just an added bonus. It does our bodies good to be spending most of Saturdays outside and out of the city.  We’ve found that apartment living is refreshingly low maintenance and is freeing up so much of our weekend time.


 IMG_1453 IMG_1421IMG_1417

sunday football

We love where we live except we currently get a total of 1 T.V. station.  Sometimes.  We sometimes get 1 T.V. station.

And we’re sometimes lucky enough to get it when our teams are actually being broadcast on that station.

We know we could get cable and have much better station luck but we are too cheap for that.  So instead, we spend most of our Sundays coming up with inventive ways to get the station in…


IMG_1083 IMG_1085


You’re welcome to watch the game at our place anytime!

georgetown lake

This was the view on Friday morning on my way to work…

September Snow


I sat in my car for a good 5 minutes because I refused to start the scraping process in September.


Luckily, today we had absolutely fabulous weather and because we had no plans, we made it up to Georgetown Lake for a day of fishing.  Or snoozing.  Depends on which one of us you’re talking to.

After many trips with less than successful fishing outcomes, I had one happy fisherman on my hands who caught 5 lake trout.  None of them were necessarily big enough to keep but it kept the fishing interesting enough for us to stay up for almost 5 hours.

The perfect amount of time for a nice sunburn, 2 long naps, and finishing a book.

Plans are already in the works for the next great fishing trip.  When the lake is less than an hour away from home and in the mountains it’s really hard to resist spending a nice fall day relaxing lake side.  We’ll be open for visitors come Spring!! :)





the view from here

A quick snapshot of life lately…


We’ve been rather obsessed with this particular piece of land lately.



Fabulous day for a Labor Day hike with the family.




Saturday morning French pastries on the way to the Farmer’s Market.




Cale, in his version, of music heaven.



My sister moved :(

Nightly FaceTime with her and my mom to stay up-to-date on the latest apartment decorating extravaganza.

And hot neighbor boy updates. Maybe. Maybe hot neighbor boy updates.

Just the important stuff.



fall preview

You would never guess it at 2 on Sunday afternoon but the mornings and evenings in Colorado have definitely turned cooler with a reminder that summer is almost gone and fall is upon us. I’m not sure if it’s the cooler weather or if I’m finally crawling my way out of the small apartment cooking doldrums but this household is finally eating meals that require more effort than spreading peanut butter on bread or throwing a frozen pizza into the oven. In the spirit of all things fall-like, these next 5 recipes are on my September menu must-haves.  I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend, the start of football season, and the waning summer days!

1) Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese

Seriously, all good things are topped with cheese.

  0.jpg     2) Crock Pot Pulled Chicken

I’m generally a big fan of pulled pork sandwiches to signify the opening of football season. Sub chicken for pork- an equally delicious way to celebrate my beloved Minnesota Vikes making their debut appearance next weekend!

bbq-chicken-9018.jpg   3) Chicken Tamale Pie

I’m a not-so-secret lover of tamales of all shapes and sizes.  If my husband liked them at all I would be at every roadside tamale stand this side of the Mississippi finding the best vendor.  This seems to be an easy disguise to still enjoy the same great flavor.

chickentamalepie1.jpg   4) Roasted Potatoes with Sausage, Apple, and Maple Mustard Glaze

Does this title scream fall to anyone else?  I actually cheated and already made this recipe (with a few substitutions of course) and it was amazing.  And fall-y. And easy!

maple_mustard_potato_bake_large.jpg   5)  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

My mom and I took a cooking class together a couple of years ago and made the best chocolate chip pumpkin bars.  To me, the flavor of pumpkin and dark chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Can’t wait to try the cookie version!


the current state of things














Our current state of life in 5 pictures…





The washer machine chose to make this weekend the weekend where a sock would get stuck in the hose causing the whole thing pause right before the spin and drain cycle.

This equals a load (or two if you’re slow to catch on) sopping wet and unable to be dried any time this century.

And then, after my husband fixed the whole thing and I had the simple task of handing back screws, I might have dropped one and it can’t be found… anywhere.  I might have.

I’m so helpful.

P.S. When you live in an apartment the size of shoe box and your washer breaks, everything stored on top of and around washer must be removed.  Which makes the rest of the apartment an utter disaster.  Plus, how does a sock get through the washer drum into the hose in the first place?



To further entice everyone to come visit us out in sunny Colorado, let me brag to you about our real tomatoes that we sell at our local Farmer’s Market.




My mom made the our day a little bit brighter by scoring a fabulous deal on some sweet shoes for me and my sisters.  Unfortunately my sister-in-law was working this day but imagine 3 fabulous pairs together.



Jenny and I planned on running a 10k at the end of summer together but since we neither trained or had the will power we ‘ran’ a 5k together instead.  Let me clarify, the 5k was to benefit me only. She totally would have dominated the 10k.  To make it better, I made my sister shuffle… with purpose… for the entire thing.

But we matched.. so that was cute. :)

surprise! we’re in Nebraska!

Cale’s dad turned 60 this year, so Cale’s siblings surprised him with a 60th birthday party.  They were able to gather all of ‘the kids’together on 1 weekend which was no small feat and took a 8 month advance warning.

Not only that but they were also able to gather all of my father in-law’s siblings and some of his close friends for an afternoon party at the park as well.  Cale and I claim absolutely no responsibility in pulling off any of the surprises and were able to go and enjoy all of the hard work that went into planning the entire weekend.

We were also able to see our nieces and nephews, some of which we had never met (!) and the rest we hadn’t seen in a year and half.

Terrible tragedy actually.

We came back home absolutely exhausted after countless games of freeze tag and playing princess.

Except I was never a princess.

I always had to be Sven.

The moose.


I played moose all weekend.








rocky mountain weekend

My sister in-law’s family is part owners of a cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.  There are about 10,000 reasons why I love the cabin but one of the best parts is that it is completely removed from the tourist area/ ski resort towns.

Don’t get me wrong, the tourist areas/ski towns probably make it into the top 3 of my most favorite places to go but you’re not exactly getting away from everything.

Back to the original story though, she (and my brother, I guess) gifted my dad a week of their allotted time as his Father’s Day present.  My dad nicely picked a weekend that we could all go.

We being all inclusive of everyone but my little brother.  We missed you, Corey!

Cale, Jason (my brother), our trusty dog-phew Henry, and I busted out of town after work on Friday and made it up in time to see the sun set over the mountains.

We had fabulous afternoon thunderstorms which the whole family used as nap time.  The amount of snacks that were brought for 7 people was unbelievable.  I seriously had to have gained 5 pounds because every time I moved from one chair to another I grabbed more food.

The guys + Katie tested their fishing skills and Katie stood up well for the girls by being the only person to catch a fish.

Oh, and I was also sore.  I tried racing the dog up a solitary hill and not only did I loose miserably, my thighs were sore for days.

Getting old. Darn it.






Why am I the only who looks like taking a selfie is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done… ever?