one a weekend


We had over 70 degree weather all weekend and tried to take advantage of every second of sunshine.





Last weekend?  Suffering through a flat tire in surprise snow.  Can’t wait to be done with construction sites!


one a weekend




60 degree Sunday… Ice cream line was definitely worth the wait.


One a weekend





Couldn’t miss the chance to get a break from the cold!  A beautiful Sunday spent hiking!

one a weekend

My Sunday morning church view:


Also new this week:

Email from Starbucks:

Please fill out the following survey…

Starbucks: On a scale from 1 – 10 with 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied, do you feel your drink is worth the price you pay.

Me: 1

S: When do you anticipate your next return trip to Starbucks?

M: Tomorrow

Darn you, Starbucks, darn you!

one a weekend

We have been doing a really fun [for us] picture time lapse on a big project. After watching that progress and after realizing that I only went backwards in my New Year’s resolution to blog more often I’m also going to try document a photo a weekend.

Almost didn’t make it this weekend… a sweaty picture after working out late last night!  Better pictures to come… at least we all hope!


it’s been a year!

So many huge things happened to us in 2014 and I feel like 2015 will have more amazing moments only in reverse order.

We started off the year with Cale taking accounting classes and being surprised with an amazing new job.


In spring, we sold our house and moved into the smallest living space of our marriage.





We took the trip of our lifetime in early summer.



This fall, we made it up to the mountains fishing or hiking almost every weekend.



Until I decided to start a second job.

Late fall and winter have been filled with our fair share of colds and work but we were able to spend the holiday with family and friends… Nothing better!IMG_0002


We can’t wait to see how God blesses us in 2015!


For the first time in… many, many years my Mom and I skipped out on Black Friday shopping.  We shocked ourselves and seriously shocked our husbands when we came home after dropping my Grandma back off at her house to announce that we were doing all of our shopping online.

Translation= we were exhausted.

My Mom and Cale both had to work first thing this morning and I’m working the closing shift at the mall at my second job (today makes me realize that I no longer wonder if I’m crazy, it is now a proven fact). On top of that, I am trying particularly hard not to spend as much extra on myself this holiday season and I knew that would be challenging if I actually saw cute clothes in person.

The other amazing thing that shocks me year after year is that my body still needs to eat after Thanksgiving. Just mere hours ago I was so over-full of food that it took me 2 hours to move from the kitchen table.  I woke up this morning… hungry.

Unbelievable.  And since it seemed I only bought enough food to make the necessary items for the feast I was one of the 10 people at the grocery store this morning.

And the only person buying something other than milk.

Regardless, we are both so thankful this year for so many things… the health of us and loved ones, steady jobs, dream vacations…

I am so thankful that Cale is somehow able to love despite my inclinations to ‘do it all’ and then loves me when I break down because I can’t do it all.

And thankful that our Savior came and did it all perfectly… we are excited to start the Christmas season!


still here!

Seriously. My blogging goals have not changed one bit. I’m just moving in the wrong direction.

Taking a part-time job made a lot of sense on paper and it honestly is helpful in the long run (Cale doesn’t feel as guilty working from home, etc). But the day in and day out is sometimes exhausting. Especially when you try not miss out on any of the rest of life.

After realizing that I haven’t been home before 11 yet this week and after spending the day sneezing at work, we cancelled our fun plans tonight and I haven’t moved from the couch since.

I was at a friend’s house on Monday night and she had a “Prep 10 Crock-Pot Meals” party. Perfect timing for us because now whoever is home that night generally has hot food waiting for them. That’s about the most exciting part of our week…. other than hiding out and eating take-out P.F. Chang’s and watching movies on Friday night.

I checked to see if there were any fun pictures from our life but other than the picture of Cale’s sliced finger incident it appears nothing has been photo worthy.

Anther thing that must be worked on…

faaaalllll colors!

We’ve made it up to the mountains 3 weeks in a row and hopefully won’t be breaking that streak this weekend either.

Then life might change.

Because I may have gotten another part-time job.

It’s all about the discounts, people.

Anyways, Colorado has beautiful Aspen trees that change to a glorious shade of yellow in the fall.  You have to be really quick though, because the colors are only at their prime for a week or two. Because we’ve been up to the mountains on a regular basis (compared to what the usual) we’ve been able to watch the progression.  Catching fish and reading books is just an added bonus. It does our bodies good to be spending most of Saturdays outside and out of the city.  We’ve found that apartment living is refreshingly low maintenance and is freeing up so much of our weekend time.


 IMG_1453 IMG_1421IMG_1417

sunday football

We love where we live except we currently get a total of 1 T.V. station.  Sometimes.  We sometimes get 1 T.V. station.

And we’re sometimes lucky enough to get it when our teams are actually being broadcast on that station.

We know we could get cable and have much better station luck but we are too cheap for that.  So instead, we spend most of our Sundays coming up with inventive ways to get the station in…


IMG_1083 IMG_1085


You’re welcome to watch the game at our place anytime!